FEC is an Australian mechanical engineering firm focused on advanced analysis and design. We understand that increased competition for operators and equipment suppliers means that our clients are continually searching for more efficiency, prolonged service life and better solutions to their problems. FEC operates at the forefront of engineering design and analysis, and continually strive to achieve the best solutions for our clients.

FEC enjoys taking on the complex problems, and have a track record of success in delivering the greatest possible return on investment for our clients.

Transport of Dangerous Goods

The transport of dangerous goods involves additional hazards due to the nature of the contents. This requires an additional layer of requirements and regulations to ensure the safety of those involved. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Australian Code for...

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Road Tanker Design and Verification

Transportation of goods by road is an essential part of many industries and is continually growing and evolving. Designers are constantly striving to optimise the tankers to reduce tare weight and increase payload and volume. Improvements in these areas result in less...

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Design of Steel Stacks in Australia

Large steel stacks and chimneys present unique design challenges to engineers. Given their size, the rules typically used for other structural elements are not necessarily applicable and can potentially result in either uneconomical or unsafe designs. Currently there...

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