7C8 Main Fractionator

FEC recently completed the design and drafting of a vessel section for a local fabricator. Working collectively with our client and the end user, the scope included design of the vessel, platforms, lifting, tailing, transport and temporary support during storage. The...

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Access and Column Support Tower

FEC recently completed the design of an access and column support tower. Encompassing structural drafting and engineering design to AS4100; the tower was designed in a modular fashion for ease of road transport, ground assembly and tailing / lifting as a complete...

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Fabrication Experience with Major APLNG Supplier

An engineer from FEC has completed a five-week secondment to a major fabricator based in Thailand. The experience provided both professional and personal development. The Thailand based company, has a long history of large scale steel fabrication projects. From...

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Bolted Steel Tank Design to AS2304

The design of bolted steel tanks to AS2304 is based on a limit states approach which represents a fundamental change in philosophy with respect to traditional tank design. In general, limit states and allowable stress design produce relatively similar results;...

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Treatment of Allowable Nozzle Loads on Tanks

The allowable nozzle load on a tank is a common request; however, the procedure to arrive at an appropriate set of loads is not always straightforward. Firstly, the allowable nozzle loads on a tank are generally significantly different to a similar sized pressure...

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Modelling of Bolted Flanged Connections

There have been significant advances in recent years in the understanding of bolted-joint behaviour. Past ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Conferences have seen numerous research papers focused on the topic. Of most interest has been the behaviour of a bolted joint...

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Detailed Design of Macknade Mill Boiler Stack

The FEC designed Macknade Mill Stack was commissioned in June 2014. The stack operated effectively during the earlier steam trials, allowing adequate separation between the two feed boilers. One of the early concerns in the stack design was inadequate separation...

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