Road Tanker Design and Verification

Transportation of goods by road is an essential part of many industries and is continually growing and evolving. Designers are constantly striving to optimise the tankers to reduce tare weight and increase payload and volume. Improvements in these areas result in less...

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Design of Steel Stacks in Australia

Large steel stacks and chimneys present unique design challenges to engineers. Given their size, the rules typically used for other structural elements are not necessarily applicable and can potentially result in either uneconomical or unsafe designs. Currently there...

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Drag Force Calculation For Structures

Disagreement between various design standards raises questions for engineers as to what represents an appropriate drag force coefficient (Cd). The Cd value is used to determine the design wind load applied to structure. Vertical vessels and exhaust stacks are...

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Bolted Steel Tank Design to AS2304

The design of bolted steel tanks to AS2304 is based on a limit states approach which represents a fundamental change in philosophy with respect to traditional tank design. In general, limit states and allowable stress design produce relatively similar results;...

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Treatment of Allowable Nozzle Loads on Tanks

The allowable nozzle load on a tank is a common request; however, the procedure to arrive at an appropriate set of loads is not always straightforward. Firstly, the allowable nozzle loads on a tank are generally significantly different to a similar sized pressure...

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Modelling of Bolted Flanged Connections

There have been significant advances in recent years in the understanding of bolted-joint behaviour. Past ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Conferences have seen numerous research papers focused on the topic. Of most interest has been the behaviour of a bolted joint...

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