Stress Corrosion Cracking on Turbine Rotor

FEC was approached by one of our clients who had experienced a turbine rotor failure due to stress corrosion cracking. Following the failure, a monitoring program for crack detection and growth was implemented. During the crack inspection program one rotor showed...

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FFS on Multi-ply Expansion Bellows

FEC was approached by one of our clients who had been supplied an expansion bellows in the repaired condition. During fabrication of a shell and tube heat exchanger, its laminated style expansion bellows was accidentally damaged in a grinding operation. Damage to the...

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Axial Load Capacity of Proprietary Buttress Thread

FEC was approached by one of our clients requiring verification of the axial load capacity for a proprietary developed buttress thread for use in well casing. The design was unique in that it required creating a flush joint for the casing as opposed to using the...

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Reduced Nozzle Wear Rates via CFD

FEC was approached by one of our clients experiencing significant downtime and resultant costs caused by the regular failure of a nozzle and plug valve used in a thickener underflow application. The aim of the project was to determine whether planned geometry...

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