Fitness For Service (FFS)

Operating equipment in demanding environments often results in some form of damage mechanism throughout the life of the plant. Applying advanced Fitness For Service methods allow increased longevity of equipment, understanding of risks and minimisation of unnecessary downtime.

FFS brings together a complete knowledge of a piece of equipment, requiring understanding of damage mechanisms, operating history, future operating conditions, advanced inspection, material properties, advanced analysis techniques, probability techniques and reliability modelling.


FFS is most commonly applied, when in the routine inspection of operating plant, a damage mechanism is observed. Most commonly this is identication of a crack-like flaw or localised corrosion. Conservatism in the original design code and the use of advanced analysis (FEA) can permit a favourable outcome to either extend life or permit continued operation.

Typical FFS or Engineering Criticality Assessments (ECAs) are based on the well documented AS3788, API579 and BS7910 Codes which recognise best practice for assessment of damage. These assessments vary in detail and complexity depending on the extent of the problem and available information.

Prior Experience

FE Consultants (FEC) have been completing FFS assessments to the major FFS codes for the past 15 years. The ability to confirm the integrity of equipment or plant via FFS allows our clients to continue operation with a detailed understanding of risk, often resulting in significant financial benefits. The highly experienced team at FEC are able to provide advice with a short turn-around, aiding in the decision making processes during site shut downs and inspections.


  • Assessments to API579-1 (All levels)
  • Assessments to BS7910
  • Assessment to AS3788
  • Crack Stability and Growth
  • Failure Assessment Diagrams
  • General and Local Metal Loss
  • Pitting Damage
  • Dents and Gouges
  • Fracture Toughness Correlations
  • Weld Residual Stress Calculations
  • Forming Stress Calculations
  • Inspection Interval Specification
  • Fatigue Damage
  • Creep Damage (inc. creep fatigue)

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