Piping Design

Using industry standard software and analytical calculations FEC can provide piping design verification for small and medium size projects. Evaluation of equipment loads can be coupled with vessel design and reviewed for acceptability. Piping designs are completed to ASME B31.3 and AS4041.

Specific Software


For pipe stress analysis to the major international piping design codes such as ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3. AutoPIPE and CAESAR II allow for efficient data input and comprehensive post processing to determine compliance. FEC an perform static and dynamic analysis with inclusion of environmental loading, hanger design and natural frequency review.

Job List

Piping design for 400NB metering skid piping.

The design was completed for a major LNG project and included a complete piping design for the skid mounted system. The design included flange loading analysis, transportation loads, environmental loads, upstream and downstream piping effects. In combination with the piping design, the skid structural design was also completed. In house collaboration between piping and structural design allowed for an efficient design process.

Review of diesel supply lines.

Following design modifications to the pump supply manifold, FEC was engaged to review the acceptability of the piping design. FEC reviewed allowable pump and valve flange loads in accordance with customer specifications.

Cracking review on MP steam lines.

Complete a pipe stress analysis of the MP steam line to determine the acceptability of the line and probable cracking locations. This review was coupled with a FE model which included detailed geometry modelling of the predicted crack location.

Piping specification development.

Development and updating of over 20 piping specifications for a large Australian operator. Included Duplex specifications and a 45MPa Carbon steel specification.

Steam heating skid.

From a client supplied P&ID to a complete skid package layout including detailed pipe stress analysis and fabrication drawings. Included review of adjacent package piping, qualification of SP items within the skid, structural design of the skid including lifting and transport. Assessment of equipment loading and redesign of piping layout to achieve requirements.

Inlet air chiller piping system.

Completed an extensive pipe stress analysis model of approximately 150 piping lines in the inlet air chilling piping system for an LNG plant. Using a variety of piping isometrics, CAD models, 3D scans and vendor data. Numerous scenarios were investigated relating to pipe support effectiveness. For the approximate 250 model iterations, FEC utilised scripting and programming skills to minimise the man hour labour required in the project.

Pipeline design and failure review.

Completed the pipeline design for a 2km long overland pigging water supply line including detailed drafting, stress analysis, support design and contracting of surveyors for geospatial information and alignment sheets.

High temperature reactor piping.

Completed the design of high temperature reactor piping which operates at above 900°C. Completing a novel and confidential reaction process, the piping is constructed of Inconel 617 to withstand the extreme temperatures. The assessment includes concept development and layout, refinement to address adjacent equipment nozzle loading, and detailed modelling for creep assessments.

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