Structural Design

FEC regularly provide structural designs to AS4100 and AS3990. Covering a range of industrial projects such as skids, pipe supports, frames, drill masts and cranes. FEC have experience in new designs, failure investigations, repairs and life evaluations.


  • Modelling new designs
  • Modifications to existing structures
  • Interactions with vessels and piping
  • Fatigue
  • Natural frequency
  • AS3990
  • AS4100
  • AS1170
  • AS1657

Job List

Drill mast design review.

FEC completed design reviews on 3 drill masts under a range of complex operational and upset loading conditions. The modelling was predominantly completed using beam elements, with shell elements making up critical regions for more accurate results. Masts were reviewed in various positions (90°, 60° and 45° etc) and locations of the drill head and support frame. FEC completed a comprehensive assessment covering strength, buckling compliance and fatigue.

Design review of CNG bottle crate to meet foreign standard.

A client approached FEC with the need to have their gas bottle crate reviewed for acceptability to a US standard. FEC completed a review of the standard and determined the necessary criteria. The crate was made of 45 parts in total and joined using bolted connections and stitch welding. A complete finite element model was developed and the design reviewed under the relevant load cases.

Structural review of rail car tippler and product hopper.

FEC responded to a request from a client to review their rail car tippler and accompanying hopper to determine the actions required to maintain the structures beyond their original design life. FEC produced detailed finite element models of each structure and highlighted the regions that were at risk of fatigue cracking. This enabled the client to develop a focused inspection plan for ongoing monitoring over the extended service life of each item.

Structural design of 6 piping skids.

FEC completed the structural design of 6 piping skids for a major LNG project. Up to 20m in length and 70,000kg in gross mass, the designs included structural analysis, skid lifting, lifting beams, transportation, environmental and piping live loads. Working with the client’s drafting team and project managers, FEC completed the design in accordance with AS4100 and sound engineering practice.

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