FEC director, Patrick Meehan, will be presenting a seminar on prevention of failure of steel tanks, bins and silos for the Australian Steel Institute (https://www.steel.org.au/).

The seminar is aimed at providing background into the design of steel tanks, bins, and silos, including the following topics:

  • Fabrication considerations
    • Corrosion, welded joints, bolted joints, material choice etc.
  • Loading
    • Hydrostatic pressure, environmental loading, bulk solid loading, live loading etc.
  • Modes of and prevention of failure
    • Plastic collapse, buckling, fatigue, brittle fracture, stability
  • Design of appurtenances
    • Nozzles, structural attachments

Pat has previously presented this seminar at major cities around Australia, but due to current restrictions surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year he will be presenting via webcast and live Q&A. For more information, and to book your spot, see the link below.