FEC completed the structural, mechanical and piping design for a caustic line replacement at a QLD alumina refinery. The scope of works required design development with relevant stakeholders and determination of the ideal route for site works, access restrictions and integration with existing equipment.

Included in the scope of works for FEC was:

  • Structural design of pipe supports and two road crossing pipe bridges to AS4100
  • Correlation of site 3D laser scans for field tie-in-points (piping and structural)
  • Piping design to ASME B31.3
  • Lifting design and installation requirements
  • Project management, interfacing, design development, site visits, and subcontractor management
  • Hydraulic transient pressure review and associated recommendations for valve closure rates
  • Detailed fabrication drawings of all piping and structural components
  • Multidisciplinary RPEQ approval

FEC actively collaborated with the fabricator and end-user to ensure the efficient installation of the new line and its support structures. The line replacement and all associated items were successfully installed on-site and met the client’s optimistic schedule.