In 2018 FEC completed the mechanical design of two novel high-temperature reactor systems for the conversion of iron-ore and natural gas into hydrogen and synthetic graphite.

Working with our client’s specialist chemical engineers, FEC progressed from a P&ID to a complete mechanical design (piping, vessels and structure). The reaction takes place inside the vessel at temperatures above 800°C and requires the use of exotic nickel alloys in the vessel construction.

Across the two reactor projects, key deliverables included:

  1. Creep design for reactor and piping components
  2. Complete stress analysis of the system
  3. CFD simulations for forced cooling
  4. Transient thermal simulation for prediction of component design temperature
  5. Tolerancing, machining and construction sequencing
  6. Complete detailed fabrication drawings
  7. Mechanical design of drive system including rotary seal, bearings, motor, gearbox and associated articulation system.

Both reactors have been constructed and are in a testing phase by the respective clients.