Transportation of goods by road is an essential part of many industries and is continually growing and evolving. Designers are constantly striving to optimise the tankers to reduce tare weight and increase payload and volume. Improvements in these areas result in less time spent on the road, and overall cost savings for the end user.

FE Consultants have provided the mechanical design of over 40 unique road tankers for various purposes. Design is completed to various Australian and Internationally recognised standards, as well as general design reviews for the purpose of design optimisation, design comparisons, and case studies. These tankers have fallen into the following categories:

  • Bulk powder tankers (e.g. flour, cement, dry ash)
  • Liquid tankers (e.g. ethanol, fuel, LPG)
  • Emulsion tankers (e.g. ammonium nitrate, asphalt)
  • Vacuum tankers (e.g. sewage, mud)
  • Tipping tankers (for multiple product types)

Process or loading/unloading requirements often necessitate tankers to be pressurised. Tankers can be pressurised on discharge (e.g. bulk powders), pressurised on loading (e.g. vacuum tankers for loading product), pressurised at all times (e.g. LPG), vapour pressure only (e.g. ethanol), or at ambient pressure at all times. The presence of internal or external pressure design conditions often requires design registration in accordance with state authority regulations. Compliance with the mechanical requirements of the ADG is often required and can be provided by FEC.

In 2016, FEC were engaged to provide the mechanical and structural design of the LAND121 Rigid Tanker to be used by the Australian Defence Force. Included in the design verification was detailed finite element modelling of the tanker, subframe, vehicle chassis, and piping. Using advanced stress analysis software, multiple complex interactions and restraints were modelled, including the novel Panhard connection between the subframe and vessel supports. FEC worked directly with our client and the German based vehicle manufacturer to provide an optimised yet robust tanker design which has succeeded in passing endurance testing.

For assistance in road tanker design, please contact FEC.