FEC have been involved in the mechanical design of hydrogen equipment for many years. This includes:

  • Design, specification, and layout of hydrogen piping
  • Design of high pressure hydrogen storage equipment
  • Mechanical design and development of metal hydride hydrogen storage vessels (since 2011)
  • Fitness-for-service and refurbishment of existing vessels for conversion to hydrogen service
  • Mechanical design of high temperature hydrogen reactors (circa 900°C)
  • Mechanical design verification of proprietary hydrogen electrolysers

Hydrogen and its influence on common engineering materials make it a challenging element to work with, becoming more difficult as temperatures and pressures increase. Our experience is in both electrolysis production, compression, and storage as well as high temperature reactors for the reduction of iron ore. We’ve completed this work for start-ups, right through to some of the world’s biggest OEMs of hydrogen equipment. We’ve helped numerous projects in Queensland and throughout Australia.

Unfortunately, due to the emerging nature of hydrogen equipment, most interesting content from our projects is subject to IP protection and can’t be featured here. One example is available in our prior projects:

High-Temperature Reactor Design | FE Consultants

Get in touch with us if you require assistance in the mechanical and plant design for hydrogen projects.