The transport of dangerous goods involves additional hazards due to the nature of the contents. This requires an additional layer of requirements and regulations to ensure the safety of those involved. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail, road tankers must also meet the requirements of the following relevant design codes:

  • AS2809.1: general requirements for all road tank vehicles
  • AS2809.2: flammable liquids
  • AS2809.3: compressed liquefied gases
  • AS2809.4: toxic and corrosive cargoes
  • AS2809.5: bitumen-based products
  • AS2809.6: cryogenic liquids

Tankers that are designed to carry multiple types of cargo over several of these categories must meet the requirements of all relevant design codes. Tankers that are pressurised on discharge, loading, or at all times may also require design registration in accordance with state authority regulation.

FEC have completed a full dangerous goods review and signoff for multiple road tankers in accordance with ADG and AS2809 series. Several of these vessels were also pressure vessels, which required formal design and verification to AS1210.

For more information on road tanker design verification, see this link. Frequently asked questions regarding vessel verification and registration requirements can also be found here.